Exhibition Design & Management

Require assistance in planning your upcoming conference or expo?

We can assist you in the design, management and facilitation of your supplier and sponsor expo stand shell scheme or exhibition walling. Using our Aluvision walling system we can create various booth designs and configurations that can match the level of sponsor or exhibitor investment.

We will collaborate with you throughout the entire journey. From the initial brief to the final execution and setup, we’ll be there to guide you in achieving your desired outcomes for your conference or supplier event.

Why Choose standout as Your Exhibition Design Company?

We’re dedicated to a smooth process

Our dedication lies in ensuring the success, smooth operation, and effectiveness of your event. We have honed our processes to ensure effective communication with both organisers and exhibitors, ensuring that all essential elements are addressed.

Experienced in working with exhibitors

We hold exhibitors in high regard, just as you do, and engage with them extensively for a seamless experience.

Prior to the event, our team reaches out to all exhibitors, verifying the accuracy of every exhibit detail. During the event, our team manages any last-minute requirements that arise responsively.

Exhibition Design & Management Process

The design and management of an exhibition involves careful planning, organisation, and execution to create a successful and engaging event.


Initial Contact & Briefing

Get in touch! We’ll set up a time to discuss your plans and gain a full understanding of your requirements.


Concept Development & Proposal

We’ll develop an exhibition concept and provide a detailed proposal including design elements, estimated costs and a timeline for the project.


Design & Planning

In collaboration with you, we create detailed booth layouts, 3D renderings, and mock-ups for review. Our planning will cover booth construction, lighting, audiovisual equipment, signage, and logistics.


Pre-Event Logistics​

We’ll plan the logistics of transporting materials, booth components, and equipment to the venue, coordinating with the venue management to ensure access, electricity, internet connectivity, and any additional requirements are met.


On-Site Setup and Installation​

We’ll take care of the setup and installation of booth structures, displays, lighting and AV equipment, and oversee the arrangement of furniture, signage, and branding materials.


Event Execution

We can be onsite if you wish or just a call away for any unforeseen issues that arise to minimise disruptions.


Post-Event Evaluation

We’ll review the exhibition’s performance and discuss feedback from attendees, stakeholders and suppliers.

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