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If you thought that ‘pulling off’ a highly successful event that gets everybody talking is outside of your grasp, then read on. When it gets down to the nitty gritty of being the perfect host, it’s really just a case of capturing a few crucial ingredients. Whether you tackle the task entirely or partially on your own, or if you instead opt to call in the experts, hosting an outstanding event enjoyed by all is always worth the effort.

Clearly Understand Your Objectives

Right from the very beginning of your planning process, it is essential that you have a clearly defined objective in mind. Whether that be to educate your attendees, promote your company (or product) or perhaps purely to reward staff for their efforts, it pays to actually record what it is you wish to achieve. These objectives will act as your driver and give you a sense of direction throughout the organizing phase. Ultimately, this will keep you on the right track to execute the real event.


This is perhaps the most intensive part of hosting any successful event. Pay attention to the details. Think through your choice of foods and beverages. Décor, location choice and themes need to be carefully considered. Do you want to use company colors? Will guests be inside or outside? What is the ‘vibe’ or ambiance that you want to engender? Elegant? Exciting? Laid Back? Every aspect regarding the forthcoming event has to be planned and executed in a thought out manner.

Be sure to give consideration to the layout of your venue and event decoration. Creating a space where people are subtly steered together to mingle as a large group might be ideal for your objective. Or perhaps you prefer to guide them instead to certain focal points, or allow them to cluster in more cozy alcoves and recesses. Most people tend to instinctively avoid large open spaces, unless they are filled with other people or have some specific purpose or draw-card. Lighting and possibly music can also be key components in producing the ideal atmosphere.

Build Anticipation

Research confirms that if people approach an occasion with the expectation that they are going to enjoy themselves, then they are much more likely to actually do so. This too goes on to have a snow ball effect. Being the gregarious creatures that we are, when we sense that people around us are having fun we are again more inclined to have fun ourselves. So how do we capitalize on this

Do not neglect the build up leading to your event. This is just as important as the effort you put into the event on the day. Whether it is through a well thought out and attractive invitations, a clever and engaging advertising and promotional campaign, or by attention grabbing teasers and reminders, you need to capture your audience well before they even arrive.

Keep Them Engaged

It does depend on the nature of the event of course, but usually it is important to make sure participants are free to mingle and interact with each other. Think through the different stages of your event and ensure that your guests are always engaged in some manner. This might be talking to others, listening to music or presentations, or looking over displays and exhibitions. People typically don’t like to feel that they are ‘just waiting’ or milling awkwardly without purpose. Aim to allow people to mix or engage in some meaningful activity right throughout the entire event.

If at all possible, “aspire to surprise”. This might be in the form of a give-away or complimentary offering. It might be an unexpected piece of entertainment… or perhaps just overall, by impressing your guests through the caliber of your event. When you surprise and impress your guests, you get them talking. You create that ‘after-buzz’. And after-buzz is exactly what we are aiming for… after-buzz is the hallmark of every successful event.

If you are planning an event and are based in Auckland, be sure to chat to the experts at StandOut Design. The friendly and experienced staff will happily advice and assist with all your up-coming event planning needs.

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