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At StandOut Design we strive to be market leader in all that we do and have proved over the years that our innovative design styles has wowed the audiences across New Zealand. We have something very exciting and very new for you. Something that will get your product or service in front of an audience in a way that will impress them and get crowds at your display stand.

We are very proud to bring you HolloCube, the latest innovative display std technology.

Download the PDF here Celebration Group_Holocube_brochure_2015_Web

The Holocube is a 3D holographic platform that accentuates your product or campaign like never before. It is designed and developed in Belgium and Celebrations Group holds exclusive rights to Holocube in New Zealand.

The Holocube is a fully integrated 3D projection that makes a virtual model of any product look almost indistinguishable from the real thing. It is capable of displaying immaculate resolution levels of the content being showcased, which creates a life like perception among viewers.
This cutting edge holographic display system has created a whole new way to set your brand apart. It combines the most advanced modern holographic techniques in contemporary sleek housing.

The Holocube display technology is offered in a range of sizes, from 10inch- 70inch. These hologram solutions can be incorporated into retail settings, point of sale displays, exhibitions and even road shows.Excelling in an innovative and customer engaging design, Holocube has been able to enhance the brand experience for its customers with complimenting hardware. This enables Holocube to further arouse the consumer’s senses and offer a more compelling and informative presentation.
Our talented and skilled team of creative designers and content developers are able to tailor enjoyable and enlightening applications which work in conjunction with third party elements, to meet all your brand needs.

For full information please click and download our PDF below which has all the details in it about this amazing technology

Celebration Group_Holocube_brochure_2015_Web

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