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CG’s Giant Decoration Kicks Christmas Off at New Plymouth’s Centre City Mall

Celebrations Group recently installed a 3.5m high decorative bauble in New Plymouth’s City Centre Mall. The bauble was inspired by a feature Celebrations Group Director, Susan Tapper, saw in Germany. It is a one off piece and the only of it’s kind in New Zealand. Celebrations Group consulted with the New Plymouth City Centre Mall’s Marketing Manager Jo Stephenson, who said “I wanted to have something in the centre that had real wow factor and that customers would really like”. There was also a desire to invest in versatile centre piece for the mall that could be used to relate to things that would be going on in New Plymouth at different times of the year. “We wanted to kind of tie in with the Festival of Lights, but we’re going to keep them up so we can tie in with whatever’s going on. Like breast cancer awareness – we can light up pink, for Americarna was can be red white and blue, for example”. The made to order feature bauble was installed along with many other decorations in a mammoth effort by the Celebrations Group staff that ended at 3 a.m on Monday night. Initial feedback has been very positive from both the client and the Mall’s customers, “I posted a photo on our Facebook page yesterday, and every comment’s just been ‘beautiful’, or ‘amazing’ or ‘well done’ – it’s been nothing but positive” said Jo Stephenson.

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Bayfair Dazzles Shoppers and Pushes the Boundaries with Hologram Technology

Dubbed a ‘game changer’ for the future of marketing, Bayfair Shopping Centre has become New Zealand’s first to trial innovative hologram technology in a unique display which has children and adults flocking to the centre. Based in Tauranga, Bayfair has set up a 3D Holocube, which projects a flying dove, as part of its spring/summer campaign to mark the start of Kiwis’ favourite season. It is the first time the technology has been used not only in a shopping centre environment, but anywhere in New Zealand. Locals will be the first in the country to marvel at the technology, and Bayfair marketing manager Kylie McGregor says the technology is likely to soar to great heights. “In a market where it is increasingly difficult to stand out, the hologram technology will enable us to bring our marketing initiatives into the 21st century. I envisage being able to utilise this technology for upcoming fashion shows and all manner of activities, it’s really exciting and I love seeing people’s reactions to the flying dove. “We’ve added to the surprise and delight factor, by covering the 3D Holocube in a wooden crate-style box with peep holes for shoppers to peer through.” Proven successful and popular internationally, the technology is being used extensively across Europe with large brands such as Citroen and BMW for vehicle launches, and new product launches for Nike, Lancome and Bulgari Serpenti watches. Celebrations Group has exclusive rights to bring this technology into New Zealand, and managing director, Ron Fisher says the Holocube is an innovative device that projects a company’s brand and its product like no other platform, and is cost-effective. “Holocube has taken the magic behind hologram optical illusions, and adapted it to modern technology in what we believe is the future of marketing, with multiple uses across retail, events, offices, hotels, business conferences and trade shows. It combines the most advanced modern projection techniques, in contemporary and sleek housing, which enables contextual 3D projections for product-focused brands.” See below short video of the Holocube experience in Bayfair Shopping Centre:

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Welcome to HolloCube, our latest innovative strategy

New Way To Show Your Business At StandOut Design we strive to be market leader in all that we do and have proved over the years that our innovative design styles has wowed the audiences across New Zealand. We have something very exciting and very new for you. Something that will get your product or service in front of an audience in a way that will impress them and get crowds at your display stand. We are very proud to bring you HolloCube, the latest innovative display std technology. Download the PDF here Celebration Group_Holocube_brochure_2015_Web The Holocube is a 3D holographic platform that accentuates your product or campaign like never before. It is designed and developed in Belgium and Celebrations Group holds exclusive rights to Holocube in New Zealand. The Holocube is a fully integrated 3D projection that makes a virtual model of any product look almost indistinguishable from the real thing. It is capable of displaying immaculate resolution levels of the content being showcased, which creates a life like perception among viewers.This cutting edge holographic display system has created a whole new way to set your brand apart. It combines the most advanced modern holographic techniques in contemporary sleek housing. The Holocube display technology is offered in a range of sizes, from 10inch- 70inch. These hologram solutions can be incorporated into retail settings, point of sale displays, exhibitions and even road shows.Excelling in an innovative and customer engaging design, Holocube has been able to enhance the brand experience for its customers with complimenting hardware. This enables Holocube to further arouse the consumer’s senses and offer a more compelling and informative presentation.Our talented and skilled team of creative designers and content developers are able to tailor enjoyable and enlightening applications which work in conjunction with third party elements, to meet all your brand needs. For full information please click and download our PDF below which has all the details in it about this amazing technology Celebration Group_Holocube_brochure_2015_Web

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StandOut partnered Genesis Energy at the recent South Island Food Show which was held in Christchurch.  The theme of the Genesis Stand was relax and re-energise.  The Stand attracted a large volume of visitors which exceeded our customers’ expectations. We had a fun time working on this project. Thank You Genesis Energy!



Smith & Nephew attended the ALA show at the Pullman Hotel in early April.  This show was the inaugural show for the New Zealand arm of Smith Nephew. The Smith & Nephew team had great feedback on the style and presentation of the Stand and were delighted with the design, the space, the ability to attract and ease of interaction with consumers at the show.

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Schlumberger attended the annual Geotechnical Petroleum Forum at Wellington’s Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa   The Schlumberger team were once again pleased with the design, the space, the ability and ease of interaction with consumers at the show. Our in house designers were pleased with the feedback from the Schlumberger team AND had a fun time working on this project, Thank You Schlumberger!



There is much to celebrate in the New Zealand education system. New Zealand educational success has two dimensions – the achievement of students, teachers, schools, and community organisation. StandOut Design was privileged to be part of this new Endevour that actively celebrated educational achievements in New Zealand by providing a platform for schools, institutions and learning centres to showcase their contributions. It truly was a special occasion for students, teachers and the community to profile and applaud their own success and innovation.


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